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Sample Email to the Friends/Family Referred
by Your Clients

To: BFF Betty
From: Client Carol
Subject: Referral Reward

Hi BFF Betty,

Just a short note to tell you that I’d like to recommend Stylerella Salon.  Stylerella always makes me a happy client and they are looking to expand their business.  I’d like you to experience the great service and talent of Stylerella, too. Right now, Stylerella is giving a 20% Off Discount on a Great Lengths USA Hair Extension Service to friends and family of their loyal customers.

To get your special discount offer, print this email along with the attached certificate, or download the certificate to your cell phone, and bring it to the Stylerella salon at the location listed below.

If You Don’t See YOur Certificate Below Click Here to View and Print

I like Stylerella and I like you!  Hopefully you can get connected.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.